About Us – Skybound Entertainment

A genuine MULTI-PLATFORM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY led by passionate creators of content for all sizes of screens – Big, Small and everything in between…

ADVOCATES OF CREATOR RIGHTS, Skybound was founded on the principles that creators should be able to maintain creative control. We work relentlessly to ensure that creators remain at the center of their projects in an effort to uphold the integrity of their vision. A key example of this lies within our Chairman and Co-founder, Robert Kirkman, who has driven all extensions of his original comic, The Walking Dead. The franchise is now a worldwide cross-platform phenomenon as well as the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time.

FANS OF OUR FANS– We value our community of millions of FANS and make sure to spend time with them in person and online—attending over 40 conventions each year and running our INSIDERS program, just for them. We create and distribute content in new and creative ways with our fan community in mind at all times.

We BUILD FRANCHISES– Our library of content is vast- We represent over 30 comic book titles and creators, have a robust slate of film, TV, online, VR and interactive, and tabletop gaming content in addition to our merchandise and licensing programs.

Our WHEEL OF AWESOME is our secret sauce- Leveraging our multi-faceted business, the SKYBOUND TEAM places our creators and properties right in the center and strategize how to best extend and create awesome content through our many departments to build brands and franchises…

We are an INTERNATIONAL company- We’ve opened up our doors in Canada, and are producing shows in Asia, Latin America and more!