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    The MEGABOX is a very limited edition mystery boxes, shipped quarterly. Each MEGABOX will feature an exclusive 5″ action figure from McFarlane Toys as well as an exclusive comic book, t-shirt, enamel pin, and other mystery items.
    THE MEGABOX is curated by Skybound’s in-house team of designers, creators, and collectors. Our goal is for each MEGABOX to be filled with items we’d want to collect ourselves. The SIXTH box is shipping now!
    Yeah, but what exactly is inside the box?
    You won’t know until people start to receive them! That’s the fun of it! We can tell you this though: the value will be more than buying the items on their own. Sometimes substantially more.
    Watch Robert Kirkman Unbox the second Megabox
    *items shown are example ’types’. Actual boxes contain products from Skybound’s franchises.